We’re excited to announce one of our newest partners, NeoCharge, whose Smart Splitters are making it easier and cheaper for homeowners to add EV charging.

Founded by two engineers out of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Spencer Harrison and Akhil Veluru, NeoCharge aims to reduce the financial barrier to installing home EV charging.

NeoCharge Smart Splitter (Source: NeoCharge)

 NeoCharge’s Smart Splitters  let homeowners use a single 220V electrical outlet to power two devices. They offer two versions: one uses a common 220V outlet to power an appliance (like a dryer) and an electric vehicle charger while the other allows homeowners to safely power two EV chargers from a single 220V outlet. Both were developed to make EV charging easier and more affordable for homeowners and renters.

So how much can you save with a NeoCharge Smart Splitter? All said and done, it can easily cost $2,000 – $5,000 to install a Level 2 charger at a residential property when a panel upgrade is needed. Now, compare that to the $450 base price of the Smart Splitter. You save on cost but can still charge your car significantly faster than with a standard 110V outlet.

Many homeowners and renters have a dryer in their garage that’s already plugged into a 220V outlet. NeoCharge’s Smart Splitter allows EV drivers to share power between a dryer and their car, pulling 100 percent of the power for charging when the appliance isn’t in use.

Do you have an available 220V outlet? (Source: NeoCharge)

The Smart Splitter is especially ideal when an upgrade to add EV charging requires trenching across long distances, new electrical runs to the utility connection, concrete work, electrical panel upgrades, and installing new outlets.

NeoCharge has won many notable awards including Caltech’s RocketFund grant, the LA Cleantech Incubators Innovators Award, and is part of the 2019  LA Cleantech Incubator  cohort, one of the top cleantech business incubators.

NeoCharge is excited to expand its line of products with the goal of making it easy and affordable to access clean electric vehicle charging. Currently, they are developing a new smartphone app that will let EV drivers charge when utility power is the cheapest, track energy consumption, and get notifications when charging is complete.

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