At EVmatch, we’re on a mission to build a clean energy future together with industry-aligned partners. Through our partnerships, we’re expanding access to charging stations, service offerings, brand exposure, and workforce training opportunities. From marketing partners, electrical contractors, community-based organizations, and utilities, EVmatch is proud to work alongside innovators and established players all committed to transitioning to a clean energy and transportation system.

Silicon Valley Clean Energy

EVmatch and  Silicon Valley Clean Energy  are working together to install charging stations at multi-family properties in Santa Clara County, California. These charging stations are reservable by building residents and the general public, enabling more Californians to drive electric vehicles.

Burlington Electric Department

EVmatch and  Burlington Electric Department (BED)  are partnering to deploy a limited number of charging stations for free at qualifying multi-unit dwellings in Burlington, Vermont. BED offers an additional $500 per installed charger to help cover the installation costs of each station if the owner agrees to make it publicly available from 9am – 5pm.

A Tesla Model Y charges at a publicly available EVmatch charger at a fourplex in Burlington, VT.

Green Mountain Power

EVmatch is partnering with  Green Mountain Power  to deploy Level 2 charging stations at multi-unit dwellings and commercial locations in rural parts of Vermont served by the utility.


 NeoCharge  offers affordable Level 2 (220/240V) dual-port splitters to make home EV charger installations more affordable. Save between $1,500-$4,500 over a conventional Level 2 charger installation.

Use promo code EVMATCH to receive $20 off your  NeoCharge Smart Splitter  today!

The NeoCharge Smart Splitter allows you to power two EVs simultaneously or one EV and one appliance (like a clothes dryer) on just one 220V outlet. (Source: NeoCharge)

Tesla Loco

 Tesla Loco  (cool name, right?) is your one-stop-shop for Tesla Accessories like headlight tint, carbon fiber, decals, and more. They offer free shipping, 24/7 customer support, and are based in the USA.

Abstract Ocean

Since 2013,  Abstract Ocean  has collaborated with fellow Tesla owners to help enhance an already amazing vehicle. Eight years, hundreds of products and several Tesla’s later, they still listen to help solve issues and personalize your car. Abstract Ocean works relentlessly to serve the passionate Tesla community with innovative products that anyone can install, quick turnaround, and killer customer support.

EV Life

 EV Life  is making it easy for drivers to finance an electric car that saves them money and the planet. Their EV Climate Loan empowers drivers to apply their EV incentives upfront as a down payment on a loan, saving them up to $200/month on financing. Once on the road, EV drivers reduce their carbon emissions by up to 80% and save over $1,000/year on fuel & maintenance.

Charli Charging

 Charli Charging  is a full-service electric vehicle charging station provider offering affordable, turn-key solutions for charge station installation and operation. We’ve partnered with Charli to install and operate Level 2 EV charging stations around the Portland area.

Alex Hassen, of Charli Charging, electric vehicle charging at 200 Market St

CEO of Charli Charging, Alex Hassen, charges his car at 200 Market Street in Portland, OR. Photo Credit: Stephanie Harbin

Arcos Mobility

 Arcos Mobility  is a Colorado-based company that specializes in turnkey EV charging solutions. EVmatch and Arcos Mobility are working together to install publicly-accessible Level 2 charging stations available for reservations around the I-70 corridor west of Vail, including at Alpine Bank in Glenwood Springs, CO.

Charged Future

 Charged Future  is an electric vehicle (EV) consultant for individuals and businesses. They’ll help you achieve your EV and EV charging goals.


The oldest and most trusted company in the Tesla ecosystem,  EVANNEX  is a family-owned and operated company that loves EVs and cultivates EV-enthusiast communities.


 Verde  exists to help your organization find, implement, and maintain energy-efficient solutions that make a measurable impact on the bottom line. Since 2010, Verde has been saving Chicagoland companies and organizations thousands of dollars every year by replacing outdated, inefficient methods and hardware with modern, efficient solutions. We covered our partnership with Verde in  this blog  where the founder, Jamie Johnson, discussed his company’s effort to retrain electricians during the pandemic to install EV charging stations.

Verde Install

 Verde Install  provides nationwide fixture installation and project management services to companies of all kinds. No matter what your project entails, Verde is committed to building projects of value that make customers proud.

Drive Clean Bay Area

 Drive Clean Bay Area  is a collaboration of nonprofit organizations, agencies, cities, schools, and businesses with a goal of greatly reducing carbon emissions by advancing the adoption of electric vehicles. Through scaled community engagement programs, we inspire people to replace internal combustion vehicles with electric vehicles, e-bikes, and other forms of zero-carbon transportation. Drive Clean Bay Area launched in 2018.

EVmatch is mentioned in step 4 of their  guide to driving electric .

Association for Energy Affordability

The  Association for Energy Affordability, Inc.  is dedicated to achieving energy efficiency in new and existing buildings in order to foster and maintain affordable and healthy housing and communities, especially those of low-income.  AEA representatives engage in a broad range of educational, technical and construction management activities and services to promote this mission and develop the industry that advances and sustains it.

Sierra Club San Francisco

The San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the Sierra Club and EVmatch are partnering to  grow the reservable charging network  across the Bay Area.

Sierra Club Santa Lucia

The SLO chapter of the Sierra Club serves all of San Luis Obispo County. EVmatch and the SLO chapter  have teamed up  to help members in SLO County find reliable and reservable charging stations. They’re on a mission to act on environmental conservation issues.

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