Half a year after Elon Musk said, in July 2020, that Tesla would not launch an under-250-mile-range Model Y Standard Range, the company did just that,  rolling out the cheaper Model Y  on its website on Thursday, January 6 2021.

In the US, this means that the popular Model Y crossover is now available in three variations and at significantly different price points and range combinations:

  • Standard Range: $41,990 | 244 miles of EPA range | $172/kWh
  • Long Range: $49,990| 326 miles of EPA range | $153/kWh
  • Performance: $59,990 | 303 miles of EPA range | $198/kWh

At $8,000 more and with 82 more miles of range, the Long Range version of the Model Y actually has the lowest cost per kWh. But at a starting price of roughly $42,000 versus $50,000, the Standard Range becomes very attractive and more affordable to a lot more US households.

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